Pocket World DC Edition
BACK Project Leader(s):   Scruffydragon Magus
Members: Lumina, Dr.Strange, BizarroToro, Gate, Sic-1,  Kojunho, Enzo, Buyog, Fran, Jon Ace .
HOME Based on: DC Universe in NeoGeo Pocket Style.
Status: Phase Two Completed.
EXIT Mugen Versions:  
Winmugen version Mugen 1.1 version
Released Jan/05/2011
This version only has Phase One characters, it won't be updates for this or any support for WinMugen.

Video Demos: 1 2 3

Reviews: 1 2
Released Apr/18/2017
This version is the lastest, include all the new characters and updates will be worked upon this version and Mugen engine.

Video Demos: 1 2 3 4